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Links to Events in Our Community

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last updated  July 9, 2018

CAVE Youth Employment Program - classes start July 23

Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program (Arabic) July 26
Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program (English) July 27

Embrace Clinic July 26

Sizzing Story Times June 12 - July 31

BBQ- Community Inclusion October 3

ECE Summer Calendar

ISS of BC Workplace communication training for IT professionals looking for career advancement in Canada Info sessions July-August

Ridge Meadows Child Development Centre is Looking for Board Members

​​​​Caring About Food Safety - Health Protection

Caring About Food Safety is a short, self-guided course about the safe preparation and handling of food. The course, offered at no cost, is designed to raise awareness about protecting public health by preventing the spread of food-borne illness.
Caring About Food Safety is for anyone who prepares, handles or serves food to people beyond their immediate friends and family. It will be particularly useful for people whose clients are typically more susceptible to food-borne illness, and for whom there are no mandated food-safety training requirements - such as operators of child daycares or small, residential-care facilities. Caring About Food Safety link