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Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services is expanding services to include Affordable Housing.

A 10.9 million dollar grant from BC Housing for the development, design and construction of Affordable Housing units provides an awesome opportunity to address housing needs in our community.  Early October 2016, Community Services received confirmation from BC Housing that our project was selected under the Investment in Housing Innovation Program (IHI), a grant-based program, towards the capital budget.

With this recent financial investment, our organization is now able to hire a housing project development company that will work with us; moving our vision to a design and implementation stage.  We are working with CPA Development Consultants who will support the organization, provide liaison with BC Housing and develop a project pro forma by March 31st 2017. The facility will be built on the current site of Community Services. The location provides a large, flat, centrally located property for the project that will be an integrated facility; combining social services and affordable housing.

We are excited to be at the beginning stages of this project which includes determining the size of space that will be dedicated for the new Community Services program space, the number and types of units such as how many units will be wheel chair accessible, studio or family units.  Of course the overall scope of the facility and budget considerations takes priority.  Although many aspects of the design and ultimately the project are still to be determined, it is a wonderful opportunity to work with BC Housing, CPA Development Consultants and important partners such as the City of Maple Ridge to integrate all of the complexities that address the need for accessible, safe and affordable housing in our community.

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