Maple Ridge Community Foundation Community Chest Pilot Project

“A true success story of partnership and neighbors helping neighbors” Let me begin by sharing how proud I am of the success and positive impact of this community initiative. It has been a sincere pleasure working with so many different organizations, representatives from the Foundation and of course seeing the community rally its support for the initiative. In terms of statistics, the pilot project helped 18-individuals and families with financial support at a time of personal and financial crisis, 5-different organizations referred clientele to the Chest for 1-time financial assistance and numerous donors came forward including local artists, companies and private donations. The one year pilot project is now in its last month. Committee members are busy working on evaluating the project and looking at recommendations as we move ahead. As with any innovative process, we experienced some challenges along the way with difficult decisions made as the needs in our community continue. Most importantly and what drives the project forward is knowing that the community responded to the need and that neighbors helped neighbors when it was needed the most. Thanks to donors and committee members, the project helped: ♥ Young parents’ purchase needed equipment for their children and the home, ♥ Family members cope with trauma, ♥ Seniors with mobility challenges ♥ Individuals with safe and appropriate housing