Greetings from Bancroft Ontario Canada.

I am writing my submission for our agency newsletter as I sit on the deck of my Uncle's cottage overlooking Babtiste Lake. I hope the summer has been good to everyone. For me, it provided a reminder to the importance of family and living life in the present.  Today I had the privilege of touring downtown, reminiscing with my 82 year old dad. In addition to his memories of the town's structural history, he shared stories of his family farm, of his 10 brothers and sisters, attending school in a 1-room classroom without books only chalk and traveling into town by horse and cart. It's difficult to put our minds to what it must have been like compared to our current day of modern conveniences, technology and social media. My dad's stories confirm for me what I know and what we strive to strengthen at Community Services - that it really does take a village to raise a child, that social connection, even with the grocery clerk or a caring relative can make the world of difference in someone's life and that everyone regardless of age or socio-economic status; have valuable contributions to make in our community.