Busy Times

It has been an exciting and busy few months at Community Services as we received our first business nomination through the Chamber of Commerce, initiated our re-accreditation journey with Council on Accreditation, successfully navigated through collective bargaining with a 5-year agreement, received funding from the Department of Justice for Victim’s Week, participated in the community GP for Me initiative and hosted agency training on the Meyers Briggs Assessment tool. A true highlight for me was the tremendous community support and collaboration amongst organizations towards honoring Victim’s Week. Wikipedia defines Collaboration as “working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.” Under the talented stewardship of our Child & Youth Advocacy Coordinator, Camia Weaver, and our Child & Youth Advocate, Jodi Murphy, the vision and plan for a family information day, a youth evening as well as an honoring ceremony for each community was only accomplished within a very short period of time due to the significant spirit of collaboration that exists in our community. Only by rallying folks together with a shared purpose and common goals of preventing violence and honoring victims of crime; were we able to accomplish so much. My sincere appreciation is extended to the many community partners who provided their time, great ideas, funding and expertise towards the events. Please encourage your teens to join us on Thursday April 10th for an event focused on anti-bullying, or families with young children on Saturday April 12th to learn from guest speakers such as Dr. Deborah Bell and Marnie Goldenberg on the topic of safe parenting. Everyone is also welcome to join Mayor Ernie Daykin and Mayor Deb Walters in a community ceremony to honour individuals who have experienced victimization and to celebrate their strength and courage. The ceremonies will be held on Tuesday April 8th in Pitt Meadows at 10:00 a.m. and in Maple Ridge at 2:00.